Corporate features now in Basic and Plus versions

Contal Travel Group has partnered with Amadeus, a leading travel technology partner and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry, providing the airfare shopping and availability for the online travel agency and iSpeedy App via the Amadeus Master Pricer.

Oracle, a world leader in integrated business software and hardware systems, provides Contal Travel Group with the relational database for data storage and reporting allowing effective system management. The reporting functionality can be used in conjunction with expense management and allows company account administrators to review reports such as ‘best fare of the day restrictions’ including savings made and the number of trips made complying with company travel policy.

  • Best fare of the day policy
  • Travel policy compliancy
  • Management information and reporting
  • On-the-go expense management
  • Integration of professional networks
  • Our travel technology
  • Duty of care
Corporate features include adding business travel companions and sending and approving travel budget requests